How We Got Here!

Some forty five years ago our pastor was called into the ministry. Shortly afterwards the vision was received to start a church. Gospel Temple began in the early 1970's in an old rock house in which the pastor's wife was raised.

The first actual church building was erected a couple of years later, known as the brown wood church. This building was our sanctuary, it held the pastor's office and one Sunday school room. This would be where Gospel Temple would begin to take off and grow at a rapid pace.

1981 brought the biggest change to date with the building of the brick church. The building held a sanctuary, offices and several Sunday school rooms. This would be our home for over 20 years. The mid 1980's also brought the addition of a two story building which still houses our fellowship hall and many Sunday school rooms.

Once again, our growth had outreached our capacity. The purchase of adjacent property and ground breaking in the early 2000's began what is today a multi complex of buildings known as Gospel Temple Christian Center.

For over forty five years God's hand has been on our church; in which, we have experienced prosperity and still continue to grow today. Make your plans to attend this week and be a part of the amazing fellowship and growth!